Rose Hill is the traveler kind. She is constantly looking for CRAFTSPEOPLE and techniques across the world to make collections of garments and accessories, UNIQUE as they reflect the soul of the persons who made them.

Rose Hill is the detail-oriented kind. Using nothing but NOBLE and quality MATERIALS, she makes sure these handcrafted garments will arrive intact into next generations’ dressing rooms.

Rose Hill is the generous kind. She shares with you all the beauty she ENCOUNTERS along her trips through short stories, photos, videos and mixtapes.

“Beauty doesn’t mind fashion.”

R. Doisneau

After a business school training and a year at the Fashion French Institute, Margaux Brisard works for Céline for three years. Tired of the wild pace of the collections and willing to give fashion more sense, she leaves her job and apartment and buys a single ticket to India.

For seven months, alone with her backpack, she searches for those special someones who will make part of the RoseHill family. Her travels lead her to Athasta in India, Tina in Bali, the Artisans d’Angkor in Cambodia. An adventure that is only starting and a family that will grow along the travels and encounters.